MSBL Daily News Show Pilot (2012)

The 2012 World Series and Trade Show

October 15th of 2012 marked the 25th anniversary of the Men’s Senior Baseball league. For that very special occasion, MSBL C.E.O. Steve Sigler, Victor J. Puglisi Jr. and Media MVP produced a thirty minute internet video for fellow player’s as well as their family’s and friends back home. Each episode was conceived and carried out in a twenty four hour cycle. The content was gauged on what would happen in the tournament from a journalistic stand point and proceeded to capture the action and outcomes of several tournament games so that the camaraderie could be shared world wide and up to date each day. This is the hour long pilot.

MSBL Daily News Show Pilot

10-15-2012, Part 1 

10-15-2012, Part 2 

10-15-2012, Part 3 

10-15-2012, Part 4 

10-15-2012, Part 5 

10-15-2012, Part 6 


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